Lime Global Discover the ‘Art of the Possible’


Corporate Finance Expertise



Incorporated in 2016, Lime Global‘s mission is to be a force for social good – by making private medical healthcare affordable and accessible to people underserved by traditional insurance companies. As featured in The Times, The Sun and The Telegraph, they are changing the way traditional insurance companies work.


The Opportunity

Lime was delicately balanced when they were introduced to the Velocity team. Lime did not have an infinite bank of resources, much like other companies, so deciding which opportunities to grab first was of utmost importance. Lime needed corporate finance expertise to validate and assist in determining the best pathway with the least risks.

Lime is considered a leader in their market so they wanted to implement clear objectives in order to stay ahead of the curb with their unique offering. Therefore, making sure their next steps were the right steps was crucial.


Why Lime Global chose The ‘Art of the Possible

Velocity was selected to bring the Corporate Finance expertise and objectivity to the decision making process providing an independent review and unbiased number of potential options on the path forward.


Our Approach

  • Our corporate finance team had 3x ‘1-hour workshops’ with Lime’s leadership
    team to truly get under the skin of their business.
  • We gave Lime access to our proprietary Corporate Finance software, Diagnostix.
  • We presented Lime with a fully detailed and frank assessment of potential
    ‘options’ for their business.



  1. This process validated Lime’s trajectory and solidified their initial thoughts by providing a clear understanding of what needs attention in the short term for Lime to reach its goals and the wins they can achieve through this.
  2. Lime has plans to do a large fundraise towards the end year. This exercise will contribute to that fundraise in that it has solidified the steps they need to take now in order to be more investable when the time to raise comes.
  3. Shaun was extremely pleased with the report and felt he could trust it – stressing the value of trust and an unbiased professional opinion.


“The depth of experience and the no nonsense report gave me comfort of our current pathway and the steps we need to follow to realise Lime’s full potential as a business and as its stakeholders. The team is very experienced, for me, much of the feedback validated our thoughts and crystallised some of the short term priorities we need to focus on.” – Shaun Williams, CEO & Founder



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