Tax Review

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Tax can be complicated in life and business. Especially at the time of a transaction. Make sure you are getting the advice you need.

Having provided us with some background information on your tax position, Velocity will arrange a meeting or Zoom call with a qualified tax adviser who can steer critical direction with regards to your tax matters. It is worth double (or triple) checking all has been covered.

The Tax Review will not provide any definitive advice, but it will be invaluable time with best of breed experts who are keen to meet interesting clients.


  1. A 1-hour call with a leading tax advisor (based on your requirements) to guide in areas such as:
      1. Transaction tax
      2. Corporate tax
      3. Personal tax
      4. Estate tax
      5. VAT
      6. Employment schemes

How it works

  1. Buy the ‘Tax Review’ product through the Online Shop
  2. Select up to 4 ‘Tax Areas’ you wish to cover (online link sent)
  3. We will schedule a 60-minute meeting or Zoom Call with an Expert within 48 hours

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