Pull My Story Together

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Too often, business plans are created without thinking of the truly enormous value implications of presenting your picture in a very different way.  Have you considered:

    1. Is there a better way to present the opportunity?
    2. Can you illustrate growth and revenue model in a different way to enhance your attractiveness and value?
    3. What traits and features of your business will investors be looking for?
    4. How much money should you be looking to raise?
    5. Should you approach strategic investors, financial investors, family offices or angels?
    6. What is the right scale of timetable to work to?

Our ‘Pull My Story Together’ product is designed for entrepreneurs who have either an existing plan or an idea, and simply wish to build (or refine) their proposition in such a way to drive value and make the business more investable.   Many clients move on from the ‘Build My Story’ product to one of our ‘Raise Funds’ packages, but many use it to understand the ‘Art of the Possible’ based on exactly where they are with incredible advice from some real experts in corporate finance.


• Three ‘1-hour workshops’ with our corporate finance team (Initial one is a Discovery Session, but all three are arranged at the outset)
• A ‘Velocity Deck’ on your business presenting your opportunity in the best possible way to investors
• A Profit and Loss Forecast model which is created from the Opportunity Map that we will build
• An assessment of timing with concrete, commercial and realistic pointers as to how best raise funds

How it works:

  1. Buy the ‘Build My Story’ product through the Online Shop
  2. Our team will contact you within 24 hours to arrange the three sessions (the first being the Discovery Session)
  3. Within 7 days we will hold the Discovery Session
  4. Within 14 days we will hold the second session (to review the concepts)
  5. Within 21 days we will hold the third session (to present findings and answer any questions)
  6. At your third session we will present you with:
      • Your Velocity Deck
      • Your Forecast Profit & Loss Model (in Excel)
      • Your tailored Roadmap explaining the way we believe you are best moving forwards

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