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For some businesses, time may not be on their side.  With that in mind, Velocity are offering a heavily discounted product which provides a business owner with immediate access to a structure and viability review from a licenced insolvency practitioner, who will guide you as to the likely options that you have available and the implications of each.  Our ‘Review’ avoids wasted energy and time contemplating what your options may or may not be!  A solvent sale is not always the best way to achieve your objectives.  An extremely cost-effective 1 hour ‘Zoom’ session should be all you need to provide needed clarity to your thinking


  1. A 1-hour call with a ‘Velocity Accredited’ insolvency practitioner
  2. Immediate direction as to your best way forward and options including:
    • Restructuring Options
    • Closure Options; and
    • Liquidation

How does it work?

    1. Buy the ‘Structure Review’ Product through our Online Shop
    2. Complete a checklist that we send you online
    3. Our insolvency experts will make contact within 24 hours

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