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Looking to complete on a transaction but unsure of what documents you might need? Access our wide suite of lawyer-approved templates and documents that are likely to be required for your forthcoming business transaction.  Based on our experience, we have prepared a range of bespoke documents such as Heads of Terms and confidentiality agreements which not only enhance the chances of you making a successful transaction, but also provide potential interested parties with a far more professional impression of your business from the start of the process


Access a variety of different templates including:

  1. comprehensive databook for storing your financial information
  2. Approach letters for potential buyers, investors or targets
  3. Due diligence check lists
  4. Heads of terms
  5. NDAs for all your transactional needs
  6. Process letter
  7. Share purchase agreements

How it works:

  1. Buy the ‘Suite Of Templates’ Product through the Online Shop
  2. Complete the Velocity Fact-Find, a 30-minute multiple choice questionnaire to help us understand all the important aspects of your business.
  3. Use our award winning platform to choose the templates and documents you need
  4. Once on, simply download the documents that you need

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