Monthly Support

£5,995.00 + VAT / month

Velocity provide Monthly Support to any clients who have bought a Package or Product from us for £5,995 per month PLUS a Success Fee of either 5% of Enterprise Value (if a sale) or 5% of Funds Raised.  These Success Fees are payable upon successful completion of the transaction.  With Monthly Support, we provide customers (until COVID-19 allows different) with telephone, Zoom or Teams access to a skilled team of corporate finance professionals based in the UK.  With our fixed monthly support packages we provide immediate access to up to 25 hours of focused time with experienced members of our team who can provide the much needed advice if and when they are called upon.


  1. Immediate access to up to 25 hours of exclusive time with one of our experienced advisers

How it works:

  1. Purchase the ‘Monthly Support’ Product from the Online Shop
  2. Provide us with your name and details
  3. One of the team will make contact with you within 24 hours to arrange an initial call
  4. Schedule in time as/when you require it

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* Enterprise Value (EV) can be defined as a number that theoretically represents the entire cost of a company if you, or some other investor, were to acquire 100% of it. 

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