Sector Update: Health Tech – Transactions for Behavioural Health Platforms

M&A Seed / Venture Stage Update


Transactions for behavioural health


M&A Overview 2021 and 2022 Predictions:

Transactions for behavioural health providers kicked off the year strong, with 35 deals registered in the first quarter (Q1) of 2021, according to a new report published by health care M&A advisory firm Mertz Taggart. That was more than the number of deals logged in each of the four quarters of 2020. In between, no less than 30 deals occurred each in Q2 and Q3 2021 before ending the year with a record-high 49 transactions in Q4. 2022 looks to be another strong year as the sector gets more traction as a whole.


Recent Fundraising Activity –

  1. Bloss – Bloss develops an app, which allows users to connect with professional consultants to seek advice about issues surrounding pregnancy, parenting, and mental wellbeing. £450k fundraising for a 20.1% stake. Seed stage – 24/01/2022
  2. PsyOmics – PsyOmics is developing new ways to diagnose mental health disorders, in order to improve misdiagnosis and accelerate time to treatment. £2.00m fundraising for a 25.2% stake. Seed stage – 17/01/2022
  3. Isoshealth – isoshealth develops a platform which allows users to connect with and consult qualified experts in nutrition, mental health, and physical well-being. £140k fundraising for a 10.4%. Venture stage – 31/12/2021
  4. Sanctus – Sanctus aims to raise awareness of mental health in several ways such as through workshops for businesses. £3.79m fundraising for a 40.8% stake. Venture stage – 16/12/2021
  5. TalkLife – TalkLife has developed an online support network where young people with mental health issues can interact with and receive support from each other and from healthcare professionals. £397k fundraising for a 3.8% equity. Venture stage – 10/12/2021


Recent M&A Activity –

  1. Sequence Care Group – Sequence Care Group (formerly known as Curocare) provides residential care to sufferers of mental disorders and learning difficulties. The company was acquired by Intriva Capital for an undisclosed amount. 29/09/2021
  2. Tomo – Tomo develops mobile app software that allows users to track habits that contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle. The company was acquired by ICAS World for an undisclosed amount. 25/05/2021.
  3. Breaking Free Online – Breaking Free Group is a high social impact company whose mission is to increase people’s access to effective behaviour change interventions and empower them to overcome their addictive behaviours, wherever possible through self-management. The company was acquired by Lifeworks for an undisclosed sum. 24/01/2022


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