An entirely new B2B M&A offering

Are you an M&A Manager, Accountant or Advisor looking for assistance with M&A transactions?

Why use Velocity's B2B M&A offering?

Using Velocity's B2B M&A offering to assist you with M&A projects as and when you need will save you time and money with a satisfaction guarantee 

  • Maintaining a full-time research resource can be expensive, use us as and when you need
  • Free up your time to focus on the deal making
  • Online experience saves time and improves productivity

"I have not only used Velocity once, but I have used it a second and a third time too! This is a service I have looked for, for some time."

Hugo Tewson

Need deal support or assistance in finding top quality buyers and investors for your clients?

Our team of seasoned and experienced corporate financiers understand that sourcing and evaluating quality buyer and investor targets can be challenging, as well as time consuming. Executing a successful sell-side acquisition strategy in todays hyper competitive environment demands experience, expertise, skills, and a specialised process.

Let us take the time consuming work off your hands so that you can focus on other areas of the deal making.

What’s included?

Deal assistance in the below areas

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How Velocity can help?

We can assist in one of the following ways

Project-by-project basis

  • Select your desired product from our online shop
  • Pay securely via debit, credit or bank transfer
  • We provide you with your deliverable within days of purchase
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Retained basis

  • Provide you with ongoing M&A support on a monthly basis
  • An allocated and agreed amount of work & hours per month
  • Your outsourced-inhouse solution
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Find out more about our B2B M&A offering and how we can support you with the M&A process


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