Financial Model

£4,995.00 + VAT

Whether you are looking to understand your overall exposure to risk, investment funding requirement, or future-planning, Velocity can provide you with the financial modelling support you need. Take advantage of our years of experience and speak to one of our expert modellers now.


  1. 1-hour online Model Drivers workshop
  2. Custom-built financial model – with assumptions to be populated by you
  3. 1-hour online Assumptions Review workshop

How it works:

  1. Buy the ‘Financial Model’ product through the Online Shop
  2. Our modelling team will contact you within 24 hours
  3. We will host an initial 1-hour online workshop to discuss your business’ financials and growth drivers
  4. Within 7 working days we will send you a complete Financial Model – with assumptions to be populated by you
  5. Once your assumptions have been populated, our team will contact you to arrange a further 1-hour online workshop hosted to review the assumptions and outputs, and challenge them (as necessary) from an investor’s/buyer’s perspective

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