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Looking to turbo-charge your business to the next level? Sign up to an interactive three hour workshop, focused on the key areas that will drive a higher valuation and increase the saleability of your business. Whilst each Launchpad is tailored for every client, we aim to provide you with a flavour of the outputs from Bluebox’s Blue Diamond pre-sale planning programme, including:
  1.  Access to our Diagnostix toolkits
  2.  ‘Key Recommendations’ – significant actions management can take, in the short to medium term, to enhance the saleability of the business
  3.  Quick Wins’ – housekeeping points which will help to optimise value
  4. Indicative Purchasers – our initial thoughts on who may want to buy your business

How it works:

  1. Buy the ‘launchpad’ product through the Online Shop
  2. Complete our DiagnostiX  Fact-Find, a 90-minute online questionnaire to help us understand all the important aspects of your business 5 days in advance of your meeting
  3. Join our team in the Launch pad to discuss the business 
  4. We will then send you our key recommendations for your review

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