Bespoke research is the only way to identify the very best buyers for your business.

When it comes to selling your business, it is critical that you explore who to approach, and then, how to approach them.  At one end of the spectrum, there are many websites where you can list your business “for sale”, much like a Rightmove or Zoopla when looking to sell your house. Alternatively, you can undertake an in-depth research exercise to identify a list of buyers to approach that fit a specific set of criteria and contact them on a one to one basis.

The advantages of the latter far outweigh the ‘Rightmove approach’. Why? Because if you are able to pinpoint the right criteria from the very start, the buyers you contact are more likely to have a genuine strategic interest in your business (which will only go to help drive value), and you won’t be waiting around, hoping for them to find you!  It is all about putting the right quality into the top of your ‘sales’ funnel and without that, your chances of success are far lower.

In addition, by identifying your list of buyers, you can control the narrative when they are contacted. This is very different to them approaching you, knowing you are for sale, as already they are in a stronger position for negotiation.

There is, of course, no harm in promoting your business online, but we would always recommend this is supplemented with bespoke research to give you the best chance of finding the best buyer for you and your business.

At Velocity, we use some of the most extensive databases in the market to find our customers the potential buyers that we feel align best to your business. Critically also, we have an excellent track record of identifying the right person in these organisations to contact (which is much easier said than done!). What does this mean? Well, not only are we getting results in terms of higher-than-average response rates, but we have obtained outstanding feedback so far from customers with interest from our buyers!

If you are interested in having a 10 minute confidential chat, please email and one of our team will promptly get in touch.