Is sustainability key to exit?

This month we celebrate ‘Plastic Free’ July and it serves to remind us about one of the key themes that we were all discussing back in 2019. Apart from being important in its own right, a sustainability strategy is something that almost all third parties will look into before investing in a business or buying one.


Having (and being able to measure against) a sustainability strategy is important for all businesses and of course for the environment. They come in many different forms, but being able to articulate your strategy is critical because it is not something that one can typically rustle up overnight. A sustainability strategy may not have a meaningful impact on your valuation, but it may well have a truly meaningful impact on your ability to raise funds or sell.


Given it is Plastic Free July, with summer holidays potentially looming where one may have some time in a deck chair for reflection, it represents a perfect time for us to remind the broader community that the environment is so very important to us all and the future generations.


The M&A ecosystem is as busy as it has ever been and the weight of money from both financial and strategic investors is there for all to see in market statistics.  With this in mind, it would be heart breaking to go the long yards on a transaction only to find that a blind spot on the environment proves to be your Achilles heel.


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