Helping you access Government Funding

COVID-19 is creating significant liquidity and operational issues and we want to help you tackle them. Even the strongest of businesses are finding the operational and financial challenges created by COVID-19 too much to bear. Many need help, and quickly. Our short-term focus at Bluebox turns to assisting those in need at this difficult time with practical advice for business owners as to how they best move forward. Whether it be accessing recently announced government funding, dealing with your bank or even restructuring. These will be difficult decisions, at difficult times, but we are here to help. 

It MAY be a huge challenge, but with the Chancellor recently announcing £330bn of financial support for business, we are confident that there will be sufficient support for those owners with a sound underlying business. With all the support being provided by the Government, we have created a very easy to use 90-second ‘real-time’ questionnaire that flags exactly what support you should be eligible for and how to access it in the coming days and weeks.

Based on responses, our software provides you with immediate and clear advice as to how to access the ‘Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS)’ as well as other support offered by the UK Government. Access the questionnaire here or simply visit