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Strategy & objectives: Having a firm collective understanding of your organisations’ objectives and strategy of an acquisition is a fundamental aspect buying a business. The greater the understanding and the more clear-cut the objectives as an organisation, the greater chance of a successful acquisition

Market Understanding: In any acquisition, acquirers need to have a clear grasp of the market you are look in acquire into. Being able to demonstrate the type of market or where there are barriers to entry are key aspects of this and maximise your chances of getting the most of a successful transaction

Finance: Having a good level of understanding of your Company’s financials and the source of funding will be paramount to preparing your business or an acquisition. Many successful acquisitions happen most effectively due to the speed that they can facilitate financing to offer a target company

Process: Transactions can be a tiring and lengthy process. To maximise your chances of success and getting through this, buyers should have robust processes in place well before any acquisition starts to run the transaction as smoothly as possible

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