Raise Funds – ‘Professional Package’

£12,995.00 + VAT

Save yourself thousands of pounds and control your own destiny with one of our award-winning, fixed-price ‘Raise Funds’ packages

The ‘Raise Funds- Professional Package’ has been tailor-made to help business owners maximise their chances of obtaining investment and help turbo-charge companies to their next level of growth.


  1. Financial Model
  2. Tailored IM
  3. 60 Target Investors
  4. Outbound Approaches

How it works:

  1. Buy the Raise Funds – ‘Professional Package’ through the Online Shop
  2. Complete the Velocity Fact-Find, a 30-minute multiple choice questionnaire to help us understand all the important aspects of your business.
  3. Our team will contact you within 24 hours to arrange an initial Discovery Session and a Model Drivers workshop.
  4. Within 7 working days post workshop we will send you a complete Financial Model – with assumptions to be populated by you
  5. Once your assumptions have been populated, our team will contact you to arrange a further 1-hour online workshop hosted to review the assumptions and outputs, and challenge them (as necessary) from an investor’s/buyer’s perspective
  6. Within 7 working days will send you the Tailored IM for you to review and sign off.
  7. Once the the FM & IM are complete, the team will then research and create a list of Target Investors for your business
  8. Once approval is received, we will conduct the outbound approaches.
  9. You have access to experienced members of our team throughout who can provide the much needed advice if and when they are called upon during the sale process.

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