Outbound Approaches (*40)

£895.00 + VAT

Remove the hassle of approaching Acquisition Targets, Buyers or Investors. Using Velocity’s experienced Corporate Finance team, let us get you the result you need by speaking to these parties on your behalf.


  1. Using your list, we will make the approaches on your behalf to your 40 targets to guarantee the best possible result
  2. We will keep you informed every step of the way and send you a weekly update of how things progress

How it works:

  1. Purchase the ‘Outbound Approaches’ Product through the Online Shop
  2. Complete the Velocity Fact-Find, a 30-minute multiple choice questionnaire to help us understand all the important aspects of your business.
  3. Based on an agreed list, we will identify the right person to speak with, obtain their contact details and make the initial approaches on your behalf.
  4. We will update you with progress as/when the interested parties start coming in

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