Electronic Data Room

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When selling a business or raising funds, you will need a secure and easy way to manage and share your information – some of it may well be commercially sensitive.  In recent years, most transactions make use of an electronic data room that provide you with an ability to host information and then grant access to buyers or investors – as and when needed – to certain pieces of this information.  The Electronic Dataroom will also allow you to see which investor or buyer has looked at what.  Maintain total control of who you share files with, while having peace of mind that your information is always safe.


  1. Access to a data room with pre-built categories for all your files
  2. Full editorial control to add/delete files
  3. Full administrative control to add/remove any users
  4. Full control to track and monitor anyone who is using and viewing the data room
  5. Ability to edit and download all information remotely

How it works:

  1. Buy the ‘Electronic Data Room’ product through the Online Shop
  2. Receive access codes by return
  3. Access the Electronic Data room and start uploading documents
  4. Have access to the Electronic Data room for a full 12 month period

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